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Hannigram by michitan
drew something fast to ease the pain of my heart because of this very unhealthy otp

I'm frikkin in love with the Hannibal NBC show.


im very sorry for my inactivity
EH: Feed me by michitan
EH: Feed me
Iono what I did with my rusty hands--

zombie!Tetsu is very hungry.

EH: Derpy ID card by michitan
EH: Derpy ID card
Been wanting to upload this since a while LMAOO
have some derpy tetsu face = v =

i need to finish my arts UGHhh

fun fact: tetsu's closet is occupied by 9999999 tank tops


Eunji-High: Tetsu Inoue
Eunji-High: Tetsu Inoue by michitan
Eunji-High: Tetsu Inoue

Full body ref here

omg joining a group after a long time ; 7 ; w-wish me luck o(-<

▌T e t s u • I n o u e

Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: October 10
Age: 17
Height: 185cm / 6'1ft

Year Group: Third Year
Division: Music
Club: Cooking Club

Likes: Cooking | Playing the violin | Home-made food | Nicely decorated bentos | Classic music | Jogging | Children
Dislikes: English classes | People doing things half-heartedly | Intolerance | Prejudices | Cheesy or romantic stuff

Tetsu is a level-headed and a stoic young man, whose sense of humor is probably as dry as the desert.
Tetsu's most striking trait is probably his hardworking nature. Whatever he is doing, he will do it properly and never half-asses anything. Moreover, he is very helpful who can't stand to see troubled faces around him.
He does have a high self-esteem and rarely gets angry when he comes across rude people.
Additionally, Tetsu is quite theoretical and gets irritated when confronted with "romantic" stuff. At this point, he is just very clumsy.

When he is with the ones he is very close to (including his family), one will see another side of Tetsu: He is considerate and caring; but very over-protective and probably gets jealous easily.

▌B a c k g r o u n d

Tetsu grew up in an above-average family of eight people. He was the second oldest brother among the six siblings. His oldest brother, Daigo Inoue, always took care of them since they were young. Their parents were both busy full-time workers at the National Bank of Japan (which is located in Tokio) and were rarely at home, thus Tetsu has grown attached to his siblings a lot.

He had a quite pleasant childhood: His big brother always made delicious bentos for every sibling and has taught him quite a few things about cooking. Since early age, Tetsu has always tried to help in the kitchen whereever he could.
It was never peaceful at home. With six siblings under one roof, there was a lot of chaos; however, there was no day without laughing.

Just like every youth, Tetsu attended elementary school. There, he has joined the music club, as he decided to learn to play the guitar and violin. Tetsu has always been interested in classic music from watching certain music TV shows. His brother Daigo always encouraged him to do so and even brought him his own guitar and a violin. Driven with passion, Tetsu tried his very best. It was the time, when Tetsu was starting to dream of becoming a famous violinist one day.

Time got rough during the economic crisis in Japan when he turned thirteen. Both of his parents lost their jobs and the family was forced to move out from Tokio due to the rising unemployment rate. Since they had a few family members in South Korea, who could offer them a safe job, the Inoue family ended up immigrating to Busan.

Tetsu had quite a few problems with the Korean language and had to study a lot to speak it decently. He barely made friends in the neighborhoods because of the language barrier. One day, his uncle who was living in Busan for quite a long time already, introduced him to Eunji High School of Arts, a globally renowned school, where different nationalities came together "to become the most prominent competitors within the industry of the Arts".

And this is where his story started at Eunji-High.

▌E x t r a s

- This is his voice: Click
- He actually has black hair, but occasinally has dyed his hair quite a few times already.
- Tetsu absolutely cannot sing.
- He always gets up very early to make his bento and then jogging to school.
- Tetsu's English sucks. Heavy accent alert
- He can speak Japanese and, finally, some decent Korean.
- He is very bad and clumsy with romantic stuff.
- Tetsu might or might no be a little tsundere.
- He will always use Japanese suffixes . . .
I've been waiting for you by michitan
I've been waiting for you
Sousuke: "I've been waiting for you."

Hello! ; u ; After one whole month of dusting my tablet, I finally managed to grab my pen....
I really missed drawing but, uh .... I got super rusty.

So, yeah this is Sousuke from Free! .... my all-time hubby. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
I wonder who he is meeting in this secret room HUHEUUHEU //SHOT DED

Anyway I hope you guys are doing well .___. Take good care!
I still can't believe that I actually have +1000 watchers despite the crappiness in my gallery sob-- thank you so much!

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