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DF - Swen by michitan
DF - Swen
Joining another group before this year ends HEH :iconmingplz: will add the description soon!

Bun-kun is actually a very unstable bunbun. Sometimes he doesn't even remember where all the blood is coming from. He has trouble to stay all clean. Bun-kun looks puzzled and tired most of the time.

His quote is: "Excuse me . . . I need go wash off the blood. Can you help me?"

He can't see well without the glasses but that's okay. His sense of smell is remarkable.
PPv2: Judas the Weavile by michitan
PPv2: Judas the Weavile
:new: description added
Come join this beaut group with meeeee~ u///v///u

:iconjudaswplz::iconsaysplz: I crave that mineral

▌ P R O F I L E

[ B A S I C • I N F O R M A T I O N ]
Name : Judas
Pokémon : Weavile
Type : Dark/Ice
Age : 26
Birthday : 5th August
Height/Weight : 182cm (6'0 ft) / 70 kg (155 lbs)
Area : Crag

[ J O B ]
Judas has a fancy-looking jewelry shop in Crag. There, he runs a flourish business: He produces beautiful jewelry to sell them (mostly) to wealthy customers. Judas will always welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea and make sure that you'll feel comfy. If you step in his shop, you'll always hear Jazz music in the background and smell the scent of fresh roses, which he takes good care of everyday.

[ A B I L I T Y ]
Steals an item from an attacker that made direct contact. Despite his fancy life, his bad habit will probably never cease: Get too close to him and you will surely miss something on your body.

[ N A T U R E ]
Despite his gentlemanly behavior, Judas is not the person he seems to be. Behind that smiling and polite face, you'll find a sassy and mischievous smirk.

[ M O V E - S E T ]
Feint Attack : The user approaches the target disarmingly, then throws a sucker punch. This attack never misses coz he always aims for the booties.
Bite : The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. This may also make the target moan flinch.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

» "A weird enigma, who initially appears to be a gentleman with a cryptic smile." «

Despite the gentleman image he keeps at the front, Judas has a nonchalant and easy-going attitude. He enjoys making people feel uneasy or embarrassed around him; it gives him the feeling of being superior.
Judas is actually a good speaker, a smooth talker; if he has something on his mind, he is not afraid to say it out loud. He knows how to use his words effectively ... to deceive people, to try to manipulate them and, simply, to get information he wants - a pragmatist in some way.
Judas often leaves an impression of self-confidence mixed with arrogance. He is a little bit of a narcissist. His self-controlled demeanor allows him to rarely get angry or upset when he comes across "the rude". In fact, he is a wicked and mischievious business man, who should not be trusted so easily.

However, outside his business attire, Judas is quite easy to approach. He has a black-as-the-night sense of humor and likes spending money on himself, as well as living a fancy life. Judas has a highly developed sense of aesthetics and welcomes everything that looks refined and beautiful to him.
If he gets attached to someone, Judas will likely spend a lot of money on them, too, which includes buying clothes and accessories for them and sending flower bouquets to their home. In fact, he has suave manners while he tries to keep politeness and courtesy on top of his priorities when he is around other people. It doesn't work out too well, though.

[ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
+ money, naive customers/people, entertaining conversations, refined language and art, cold weather, fanciness, color red, nice fragrances, spicy food (especially curry), buying and wrapping up presents, creating jewels and nice accessories, jazz music, coffee, his collection of ties, abnormal things, custom-made suits and generally dressing beautifully

- untidiness, candies, smoke, bitter flavored food, sweating, messy hair, his claws, not having enough sleep, rudeness, ignorance

▌B A C K G R O U N D

Judas grew up with his fragile mother in difficult circumstances. After his father's disappearance, he had to take care of his sick mother since he was a child. His father used to be the main earner in the family - and since he was gone now (for reasons his mother would never want to tell him), life had been really hard on them. Judas had to grow up fast to keep their little house in Crag intact.
It turned the Sneasel into a pick-pocket; a really good one even. He'd never tell his mother about how he managed to buy medicine and food; lying to her that he just had "good friends". The more years passed by, the more he has turned into a wicked and mischievous Pokémon.

Judas roamed the cold mountains in Crag everyday to collect berries for his mother. It was one of the days in which he got lost and found himself in caves; Judas discovered beautiful and valueable ores the first time in his life.
This was the beginning of an interesting business idea.

During his free time Judas started to collect ores to carve them and eventually turn them into jewelry. He drew everything out on his sketch book that he is still carrying until now. His mother often praised him for his talent for handicraft and his highly developed sense of aesthetics and she wished him the best luck, although her illness has got worse day by day.

After his mother's death, Judas decorated his house and slowly turned it into a shop he has always dreamed about. Being now alone without any family member around, he often lost himself in lonliness. He had to learn to get used to it, knowing there was no other way to cope with it. Moreover, he has promised his loving mother to always follow his dreams and never give up.
And that was the source of his strength to keep working hard.
The jeweler business started rocky, but he still managed to keep it flourish even with not-so-good-natured ways. Eventually, he would soon taste the flavor of wealth.

By now, Judas' jewelry shop is often visited by rich customers and he himself indulges in his new wealthy life. However, bad habits from his past such as pick-pocketing will probably never cease.

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ I T E M ]
Red Scarf : He wears it to raise his coolness. It's warm and soft. He'll feel naked without it.

[ T R I V I A ]
- His business card has his face on it Judas you narcissistic idiot
- He can play the piano very well.
- His Bite attack can be either very painful or very ... erotic.
- He always wears white gloves to hide his dangerous claws.
- Judas' is one-eyed, yes. He got into a dangerous fight against another Pokémon in the past. (This was when he turned into a Weavile - but that's another story.)
- You'll often see him peel a Pomeg berry during his breaks...
- He visits his mother's grave every Sunday.
- Voice samples: [ 1 ]

Relaxation by michitan
Part two or so--?
Felt like drawing her, too, coz she is rly cute (u///v///u).

Pokemon ORAS makes me go :iconboomnakedplz:
Tranquility by michitan
Guess who got caught in this poke hype


I need to marry this man.
Hannigram by michitan
drew something fast to ease the pain of my heart because of this very unhealthy otp

I'm frikkin in love with the Hannibal NBC show.


im very sorry for my inactivity

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