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No Escape by michitan
No Escape


<insert creepy laughter>

from: michitan

to: oyarin

featuring OCs: Vivian (l) and Dragan (r)
this otp will be my death /laughs
not that I'm alrdy ded /kicks self back to college hiatus

i'm just casually feeding ohja with a little love and creep
Happy Valentine's Day ohjaja =///v///=
Hello~! I wanted to share my tumblr and twitter!
Tumblr: michitana
Twitter: michiyukii

Feel free to add me! u 3 u
Bishie-dan: Smoking break by michitan
Bishie-dan: Smoking break

lmao i dunt even have that much time so i kept it simple
Yeah Michio is a smoker o(-<
i need a break too HAHAHhahahaa --...........


Michio belongs to me
Bishie-dan: Michio by michitan
Bishie-dan: Michio

fjdkghdfg super excited for this group//////// huffffff


Name: Michio Aizawa
Nickname: People usually call him Aizawa-san. Those, who actually knows that he's a host, will come across the nickname "Daddy"
Age: 30
Height: 187cm

Host - It's more like a part-time job to him. The prestigious host club is located in the central of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) City. Michio is available four days a week and only in the evening past 8 pm only.

Restaurant owner - The restaurant he owns is actually only a few streets away from the host club he is working at. It has a modern European flair.
BTW: He is still looking for more workers. (e v e)

Michio is probably what you would call a sugar daddy. Generally caring and generous with those who deserve kindness, he will always make you feel welcomed around him. Well, there is no other way around it: Michio is known for being a host after all. He is a pretty passionate about his work - both as a host and as a restaurant owner. Both occupations, in fact, require high social skills, which he has in abundant supply. Michio is gifted with self-confidence. His personality is marked by a cool self-control. He would never mistreat other people no matter what social class you belong to. At times he can be quite invading, even touchy, when he finds someone genuinely interesting.
In stressful or critical moments, Michio will lose his usual demeanor and can get pretty . . . scary.

When you meet him outside the business environment (which will happen super rarely), Michio is surprisingly relaxed and calm; sometimes even aloof. He enjoys being alone, too, calling it "quality time".

Michio is actually coming from a wealthy, but conservative family. Being the only son in the family he was expected to run the family's dojo one day. His father was an acknowledged man who was very strict with his son. Michio was never really happy, his future dictated like that. He has always dreamed of creating something on his own. But not only that - Michio was hiding the fact that he was actually interested in the same sex; therefore having a normal family one day in the future was something he could never accept. Homosexuality was a big taboo in the family.
When his father found out that he has dated a classmate in high school, Michio left his family after graduation. His mother, who couldn't bear the loss of his son, supported him financially behind her husband's back.

Now following his dreams, he built up a restaurant business on his own - and in just a few years it turned into one of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) City's popular restaurants. During that time (in his mid 20s) he has met many entrepreneurs - one of them was the owner of a prestigeous host club. This was the beginning of his work as a host.

Up until now, Michio is still running a flourish business and keeps his host status. Although, by now he is already the oldest host at the club, Michio is still "in demand". However, his relationship with his family is still very unstable. Michio hasn't met them for quite a few years already.

- The tattoo on his neck is a reminder of the past that he is not proud of.
- He's still doing martial arts in his free time.
- Somehow, he has quite many dubious and suspicious looking acquaintances which often resolves in many rumors about him.
- His natural hair color is black.
- Michio is a bachelor, though, he is not interested in having a family.
- He's smoking.
- Btw, he is ambidextrous.


I rp via chatroom and skype ; v ;!
:iconbishie-dan: :iconbishie-dan: :iconbishie-dan: :iconbishie-dan: :iconbishie-dan: :iconbishie-dan: 

I know you love bishounens. EVERYONE DOES....... Including me /snoRTS
I hope you guys gon join with meee XD Funny thing is that your OC is actually based on Shindan Maker! If u want to know more about it check it out huehuehue ////
:new: Thats gon be my OC //dumps sketch here
Bishie-dan: Michio by michitan

and wow the group is alrdy open w/o deadline SO LETS SPREAD THE BISHINESS
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