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August 6, 2013
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GEN48: Taku Kishitani by michitan GEN48: Taku Kishitani by michitan

Inactive OC



Arigatou for the invite! q////q
I'm finally done! Q 7 Q Thank you so much for the app extension!
F-Feel free to RP with me! q 3 q //touch

Kishitani, Taku

    ♥ ||Japanese | Ta-kun | 18 | Male | 6'2 ft | 78 kg || ♥

♥ "Are you ready to give in to me . . ." ♥

    Generation - Two Team - E

♥ "Will you look at me now?" ♥

    ♥ ||Candy maniac | Powerful vocal | Electric guitarist || ♥ Taku is known for his strange obsession for sweets. People usually see him blowing bubbles with his chewing gum or sucking on a lollipop. His fans often call him the Candy Prince, which really irritates him at times. Besides this, some fans also mistake him as a rocker because of his powerful vocal and his music that he produces with the electric guitar. In fact, Taku is secretly a hopeless romantic; unfortunately, his bad jokes and silly comments make him look less "charming" than expected.

♥ "What does that matter . . ." ♥

    Likes - Street dancing ♥ Strawberry flavors ♥ Candies ♥ Heart patterns ♥ Rock music ♥ Socks with funny patterns ♥ Shoujo mangas Dislikes - Violence ☠ Bullying ☠ Waiting ☠ Self-pity ☠ Senseless small talk ☠ Ignorance ☠ His parents

♥ Personality ♥

    Taku usually behaves like a bored prince who would order people around, rather than moving his own butt. He likes to laze and blow bubbles with his chewing gum, throwing sarcastic comments around and smirk at people until they get annoyed. He is quite carefree and laid-back; teasing people somehow amuses him . . . But Taku is more than just that "one rude guy". His love for music and dancing represent the other side of his personality: He is passionate and creative; spontaneous and full of energy once he is on stage. In fact, he enjoys making people smile and move them with his music. Taku's songtexts often revolve around love and emotions - expect him to turn into a romantic or a loyal dog friend once he gets close to you . . .

♥ Biography ♥

    » "Grandparents' love" « Taku grew up with his grandparents since he was still going to the kindergarten. His parents were both heavily busy with their work; business travels, move-outs, hectic daily routines – all of these issues made it very hard for them to handle a little boy. Nevertheless, Taku’s grandparents gave him what he needed as a child: warmth and love. He has always been a happy child; the neighbors called him a nature-loving and adventurous brat - but Taku was always taught to be polite, walking around and saying “Good day!” and “Thank you!” to everyone. His grandparents have discovered Taku’s passions early: He loved dancing and singing – no matter if the music was coming from the radio, TV or even his grandmother was singing. They soon gave Taku the chance to get guitar lessons as he entered elementary school. » "Music is his life." « His peaceful childhood crambled as Taku's parents came back to take him away from his grandparents. And soon, his new life in Tokio has started - a metropolis full of opportunities. Taku's relationship to them has been always without love; loud arguments were daily issues. Though, his parents didn't want him to enroll art schools, Taku still managed to do so without their permission. His school life mostly revolved around what he loved most: music. Taku joined a group of friends -he had his first girlfriend - he did street dancing in public areas - he even participated in singing and dancing competitions successfully and joined the school's music band. Taku appeared at home rarely, as he often slept over at his friend's place. » "A new chance" « Soon enough a new trend appeared: Idols. It was said that becoming an idol was a ticket to get famous. The Oracle Agency opened auditions for applicants; a chance that no one should waste. Taku, who now was at the end of his high school years, took that chance and went to the audition along with his friends who all had the same goal: To become an idol. Eventually, none of them made it - except of Taku Kishitani. And there, a new life as an idol has finally started.

♥ Additional Information ♥

    ♥ He carries a bunch of candies in his pockets . . . ♥ This could be his voice:… ♥ He has heart patterns on his underwears. ♥ Despite his love for sweets, he has pretty healthy teeth! ♥ He does b-boying. ♥ Taku has heterochromia. ♥ Single.

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