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November 27, 2013
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IF: Frederick Wiencewski by michitan IF: Frederick Wiencewski by michitan

app description finally completed! ; u ;
:new: Thank you so much for accepting meeeee! Feel free to rp with Freddy in the comment section! Q u Q

▌ P R O F I L E

[ B A S I C • I N F O R M A T I O N ]
ID Card : TBA
ID Number : F7663W
Name : Frederick Wiencewski
Nickname : Fred | Freddy | Blondie
Age : 34
Date of Birth : 10th October
Sex : male
Hair color : Gold-Blond
Eye color : Emerald Green
Height : 6’2 ft
Weight : 180 lbs
Nationality : Polish
Arcana : Minor Arcana
Card : X of SWORDS

[ A B I L I T Y ]
”Scleroderma” (Skin hardening)
Frederick has the ability to harden his skin until the point it’s hard as steel. For this he needs to taste his own blood (eg. by cutting himself a little and lick the bleeding wound). This affects a mutation of his DNA that changes his skin structure: It gets hard enough that even the slash of a sword can’t hurt him and a gunshot will become 70% less dangerous to him. Getting hit by his steel fist can be quite dangerous. This ability is mainly used for close combats/physical contacts.

Ability Limitation
There is only a time limit of three minutes that he can harden his skin. He'll always need to wait thirty seconds before using his ability again. However, he does indeed have a weakness – and that are his eyes. Only his eyes will stay normal in that state, which is why everyone aiming for his eyes can be life threatening to him.

[ W E A P O N • O F • C H O I C E ]
Dual Daggers
Frederick’s dual daggers are made of steel. They are actually normal daggers that have been in his possession for a long while.

[ R E A S O N • F O R • J O I N I N G ]
After realizing that the police force and the government were corrupted, he joined the Mafia family in order to find a way to kill the real murderer of his daughter and wife. The murderer didn’t get imprisoned because it was “reported” that there were no evidences. Frederick used to be a policeman that time and he knew from secret sources that there were corrupted reasons, why this death case was dropped very fast - and therefore he has lost his faith in the so-called justice of the political society.

[ O C C U P A T I O N ]
Ex-policeman | Taxi driver
After the death of his daughter and wife, Frederick has dropped his job as a policeman and joined the Mafia. Outside the Mafia, he has been seen as a taxi driver, occasionally.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

» "You look cute today..." «
Frederick has a nonchalant and occasionally flirtatious attitude. He enjoys making people feel uneasy or embarrassed around him by getting somewhat ‘intrusive’. Thus, he is often described as a sardonic cavalier. He’s not really a strategist, but more like someone who goes with his guts . . . which is not always the right thing.

Frederick’s relaxed personality can be quite exaggerated at some point: Even during a combat, when it’s about death or life, he won’t drop his smiling face or even make stupid jokes. It’s really difficult to anger him.

Usually, he prefers to stay in the background and watch over people or situations, instead of being in the middle of everyone’s attention. Though, he probably seems quite extroverted to some people, he, indeed, is an introverted person. He hides deep feelings of revenge and his hatred for the political government. Frederick would rarely talk about his past.

Being an ex-father, he is quite fatherly and caring. Frederick is incredibly loyal and is willing to put his life in danger for the ones he loves selflessly.

[ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
+ Asian dishes ♥ Puppies ♥ Adorable and cute people ♥ Sunglasses ♥ Driving car
- Ties ☠ Self-pity ☠ Police forces ☠ Politicians ☠ Corruption

▌H I S T O R Y

» "I’m just one out of millions." «
Frederick has been always living in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Living a quite normal life with his father in a normal apartment right in the center of Warsaw, Frederick has developed a justice-loving personality. Though, he was a quite skinny and small boy during elementary school and middle school, Frederick proved to have huge civil courage. He was willing to protect his bullied classmates despite his slim body and ended up getting beaten up instead.
His father, who was a P.E. teacher at a high school in a town next to Warsaw, has always wanted his son to be a man - after all Frederick looked too much like his weak mother who died of cancer when Frederick was still a little infant.

Time passed by and Frederick suddenly matured physically really fast during high school: He has become more masculine and taller than his father. Even though he was a rather average student, Frederick proved to be very athletic like his old man. He already had a plan for the time after he would graduate from high school:
He was going to become a policeman and serve justice and his country.

Frederick’s career bloomed and everything was going the way he wanted. He was soon deployed in the heart of Italy, Rome, because of an important meeting between the Polish and Italian government. His stay in Rome changed his life:
Frederick met the woman who would become his only wife and a few years later they got married. Being a loving husband and father of a three-years-old girl at the age of 27, he was living a happy life.

But all happiness would come to an end. On the national day of Poland a high-positioned politician was assassinated by a sniper. Unfortunately, his wife and his daughter witnessed the murder act coincidentally. It was the last day when he saw his little family.

Frederick found out from secret sources that the assassination was planned from the beginning and that was why the police strangely dropped the death case of his wife and his daughter very fast. He only knew that the murderer was working for the Italian government – and knowing that he sought for revenge.
Frederick has lost his faith in justice.

He has dropped his job and immigrated to Italy. Being a part-time taxi driver he often drove strange people around – and this is how he got in touch with dubious organizations while he was looking for information.
Frederick knew in order to get his revenge, he needed support and that was the government’s enemy itself: the Mafia.

His destiny brought him to a small valley in Venice, where he found himself in front of a strange, but a beautiful shop: The Murano Glass House.
Frederick soon drew his Tarot Card in front of the mysterious Don . . .

. . . and he knew: Once you're in, you can never go out.

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ Q U O T E ]
Any stupid pick-up lines like “You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?“ or “You know I'd like to invite you over, but I'm afraid you're so hot that you'll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill.” Don’t take them too serious. Frederick is known for being really ironic and stupid jokes.

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P ]
Il-F - [ Vidal Airo ] by KanimeiVidal Airo: He is like a little puppy to him that he wants to care for lovingly. :new: Vidal is this only one who knows about his past... Freddy trusts him fully and he has realized certain feelings towards his king. Even though he keeps embarrassing Vidal here and there, recently, Frederick has become more attached to him.
Il-Futuro: Luce Isaiah Weissman by HanichaLuce Isaiah Weissman: He calls him Lucy and finds it amusing how tsundere-ish this young man can get. Freddy enjoys going on his nerves by just, simply, being himself. he randomly became his tsun sonHAHAHA

[ T R I V I A ]
- He has a photo of his wife and daughter in his wallet.
- Fred has always a three-day-beard...
- He is actually a super daddy. u 3 u
- After joining the Mafia, he got himself a huge rose bed tattoo that goes from his neck down to his left arm.
- He always wears his sunglasses – even at night.
- He always has candies with him to share them with cute people. dunt accept candies from strangers kids //SLAPPED

Time to pray! q u q
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