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March 20, 2013
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SC: Daigo Inoue by michitan SC: Daigo Inoue by michitan

:new: Using the app now! Updated division part! Q u Q

▌ P R O F I L E

[ B A S I C • I N F O R M A T I O N ]
Name : Inoue, Daigo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4 ft
Weight: 190 lbs
Year: Third

[ D I V I S I O N ]
Weapon-User - Spiked Knuckles
Daigo's weapon is a pair of spiked knuckles summoned upon calling his star. The appearance may look rather simple, but they are heat-stable and harder than steel. Using his boxing skills, Daigo is able to make fast and accurate punches and slashes in order to cause damages with the spikes of his knuckles. Due to daily working out his stamina is rather high, though he mostly depends on his strength and accurancy rather than his defense. In teams, Daigo prefers to be a tanker. He won't back off from putting his own life in danger to help the ones he cares for.
» [HP] 100 (base) + 10 (Star Energy) = 110
» [Total SE] 150

► [Attack One] || Offensive attack - "Hammer Punch" <20 S.E.>
A very simple move. Daigo uses his knuckles and combines his boxing skills to perform fast frontal attacks.

► [Attack Two] || Defensive attack - "Counter Crash" <30 S.E.>
This move gives Daigo the ability to counter back physical attacks - such as hard objects (e.g. rocks) or the enemy itself. For that, he concentrates his Star Energy in his knuckles to throw back an enemy's physical attack. Daigo needs an absolut perfect timing when using this move correctly - or else everything will backfire.

► [Attack Three] || Offensive attack - "Volcanic Crush" <40 S.E.>
When using Volcanic Crush, Daigo needs around 60 seconds to heat up his knuckles to 100 Celcius by concentrating his Star Energy right into his knuckles. Enemies who get slashed or punched by his heated up knuckles will get burned. The heat will decrease very fast after Daigo manages to hit his target the first time.

►► [Special move] || Offensive attack - "Meteor Punch" <50 S.E.>
When performing the Meteor Punch, Daigo jumps in the air, raising his fist high above, and then strikes the ground with an extremely powerful punch with his knuckles, on the way down, with enough force to trigger a large tremor throughout the area that he is located in. The shakes from the tremors will then cause the opponents within the Meteor Punch's radius critical damages and will even stun them for about 10 - 15 seconds, if they are not knocked out yet.

He can use this attack only 2 - 3 times during a battle - after that Daigo's body is completely sore till the point he is in a life-threatening condition and needs to get treated immediately, since he will use a high amount of his life energy and power to pull out this special move (HP can drop down to 20 - 30). The cool down period each time he uses it varies from 5 - 10 minutes, depending on his health condition.

[ C L U B • S P O R T ]
In order to get away from his busy daily routine at times, he joined the boxing club to relieve his stress since middle school. Even now after the enrollment at SC High, Daigo has signed in for the boxing club right away. Since he works out pretty often, Daigo has a high stamina.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

Daigo is that one guy you maybe would want to have as your onii-san. He has developed a reliable and responsible personality growing up in a family with six children (including him). Daigo is very hard-working and would lend a hand if asked.
Being the oldest one, he knows how to cook and clean and uses all of his time to please the ones he loves. Daigo is at ease when he can see them smiling and he hates it to see others in pain.

Then again, Daigo is not the type of guy who would smile for no reason. He is frowning and seems rather grumpy most of the time - not because he is in a bad mood, but rather because he is so busy with planning the day:
"I need to clean my dorm..." or "What to cook today..." or "Oh shit, I need to go to the store to buy food!".
Daigo never asks for help and prefers doing his stuff alone.

Despite being stressed out 24/7, he is pretty down-to-earth and rather calm when not provoked. Daigo is not necessarily "that-one-nice-guy", despite his helpful personality. He may be even really sarcastic and cynical. Daigo will not hold back to tell you his thoughts and his opinion, no matter how harsh they might be:
If he dislikes someone, he will tell them - if he likes someone, he will tell them. Daigo won't hide any secrets, nor will he ever lie to anyone.

[ L I K E S × D I S L I K E S ]
+ Boxing and Kickboxing ♥ Cooking ♥ His deodorant spray ♥ Soda water ♥ Electronic music ♥ Old people ♥ His family ♥ Passionate people

- Getting stressed out ☠ Self-centered and shallow people ☠ Lack of sleep ☠ Screaming kids ☠ Liars Waiting ☠ Self-pity ☠ Racism ☠ Ignorance ☠ Being looked down

▌H I S T O R Y

"I'm just an average guy in a big family. Man, it was tough that time taking care of five troublesome kids! My parents have been always very strict. But... I guess, I shouldn't complain."

Daigo grew up in an above-average family of eight people. Since he was the oldest one among six children, Daigo needed to take care of them at a very young age. His parents were both busy full-time workers at the National Bank of Japan, thus there was no room for him to be a child. They could have get a housemaid to take care of them - but his parents refused since they had high expectations in their oldest son. They wanted him to grow up very early.
Daigo used to cook and clean. He stood up very early every day to make bentos for his brothers and sisters and did his homework because he never had time to do them after school.
Though, it has been always pretty tough for him since he was a child, Daigo never complained. He knew his parents were very busy for their sake, thus he did his best for his family.

"After I moved to Asteri Island, many things has changed. I have always thought that the island was strange... but really interesting."

Time got rough during the economic crisis in Japan when he turned fourteen. Both of his parents lost their jobs and the family was forced to move out from Tokio due to the rising unemployment rate. Since Asteri Island's economy was still blooming due to their high-tech exports, his parents got a job offered.
Their life on the island was completely different compared to their city life in Tokio. Asteri Island was known for their interesting, yet strange technology: All citizens were required to use Star Crown Branded Cellphones. Not too soon, when they moved into a mansion close to their parent's workplace, Daigo received one of those phones from his parents.

"You know, sometimes I do miss the times back then in Tokio. It was tough, but I had many nice memories. I think, I'm still not used to be a SC student, tsk..."

While Daigo needed to get used to his new life on Asteri Island, he thought his daily life would come back again sooner or later - just like back then. But he was wrong.
One day he received a message on his phone that would change his life completely: He was invited to Star Crown High.
Not knowing what to expect from now on, Daigo was now living in the modern dorms of his new school, attending classes and meeting new people. He wondered when he will ever get used to this strange, yet interesting place.

▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ Q U O T E ]
"What's your problem..."
"I'm just a normal person, bro. One thing that makes me special is probably my home-made food, pff..."

[ V O I C E ]
Youtube Link

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P ]
- West Wolfgang: He met him at a national boxing tournament in middle school. After beating West up, he wanted to apologize for being so rough on him, but West has left so fast already . . . after that he hasn't met him anymore, until they reunited at SC High.

[ E X T R A ]
● After enrolling SC High he broke up with his girlfriend who cheated on him for months...
● He is actually a good singer.
● His phone is not broken. It just got some scratches when it fell down the school stairs ...
● He is scared of dogs.

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